General Duty Clutch

Pneu‐Grip clutches can be instrumental in almost any form of power transmission. Whether it be bringing an load up to speed, or stopping one timely, Pneu‐Grip fits the bill.

One example would be a calendar.

The calender is a series of hard pressure rollers at the end of a papermaking process (on-line). Those that are used separate from the process (off-line) are also called "supercalenders". The purpose of a calender is to smooth out the paper for printing and writing on it, and to increase the gloss on the surface. Modern calenders have "hard" heated rollers made from chilled cast iron or steel, and "soft" rollers coated with polymeric composites. This widens the working nip and distributes the specific pressure on the paper more evenly.

Heavy Duty Clutch

Calenders can also be applied to materials other than paper when a smooth, flat surface is desirable, such as cotton, linens, silks, and various man-made fabrics and polymers such as vinyl and ABS polymer sheets, and to a lesser extent HDPE, Polypropylene and Polystyrene.